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  • can anyone help?

    Please be patient, this site is volunteer…

    Have you made site-wide changes? If so, clear both the caching plugin and your local browser cache, then try again…

    Hi seacoast web design. Thanks for your responses.

    Actually, admin page started not working after I clear my browsers’ cache

    However, I didn’t try clear plugins’cache I am not sure How to clear it. I have re-name the plugins folder. does it do the same job?

    OK. here is all actions I have done. see if it can brings any ideas.

    btw: I am not rash at all. just want to figure out this type of issues.
    Because I am pretty sure it do happen a lot.

    I try to make domain works without www this morning.

    I go to General > wordpress site url (I change the wp url to the domain without www). suddenly, all the links stop working which includes admin login page.

    Then, I go to mysql database, change the url back to www. meanwhile add htaccess make all the urls point to www.

    Everything was working!! I can logon to the admin page. and I did one plugin update. (I am pretty sure admin page works after I update)

    I didn’t clear my cache since last year. so I decide to clear the cache.

    After clear the cache. admin page won’t left me in. I think that’s all.

    Thanks in advances…..

    OK. I just found the problem.
    I have checked the log. and figure out formatting.php has been modified. and I copy from the original file. and problems fixed..


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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