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  • I created a blog using WordPress thru Yahoo. I did that some time ago and I forgot my admin login info. Is there a way to retreive both the Login ID and the password?

    Can’t help you, aspire; but, mlstrainer, the login page should provide a “forgot password?” button/link.

    Hasn’t helped me, alas. I hit the link, provide my username or email address, and am told I will receive an email with a link to where I can reset the password.

    Problem is–though I get the email– every time I use the link, I’m told that the “key is no longer valid.” I’m trapped in an endless loop of frustration. Hope you have better luck.

    Instread of posting to a 6 months old topic… go to the Codex (Docs link at the top) and search for resetting password and similar keywords.

    Somebody Please Help.
    I set up a blog thru hostgator on my site. It goes through and displays on the web but when i try to login to my admin page to post something, I cannot do anything but update my profile. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO UPDATE THAT STUPID PROFILE???? I have been doing this, deleting and starting over for 2 weeks and I cannot figure this thing out. How do you login to be able to post. i go to, enter my login info, get to the latest activity page but cannot get any farther. it tells me i do not have permission to enter any other areas. what’s up w/ that???
    Can somebody out there please help me to get this stupid thing working right. PLEASE!!!
    Thank you, Don

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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