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  • I guess I’ll have to dust off my php skills and find the bug myself

    Still haven’t found the problem. Do you?

    Free software is great and such but when you got a bug and no place to report it it just sucks.

    Everybody dead out there? Hello World!!!

    Note to myself, haha

    Uninstalled the whole blog and DB with GoDaddy and requested a new installation and still have the same issue. Plain vanilla installation and it begins by just going to the General setup and changing some settings like Time and click Save Settings. This will send you in the same loop although surprisingly the settings are saved.

    The only funny thing I have is that my domain has another name than www which tells me that the code is the culprit because somewhere in there with the code it changes the path to www which does not exist. I’ve requested support now from GoDaddy but don’t believe that this is a a setup problem with them. Hopefully they can help though.

    Thanks for listening here … if anybody even cares out there.

    Okay, just found the following line of code in the login loop.

    <input type="hidden" name="redirect_to" value="" />

    The what in the domain is the mentioned subdomain but the what in the directory should not be present. That folder exist though in and is my upload directory on the host but should not be part of the URL.

    Okay apparently I don’t get a response cause you need way more information. So here is even more details although the basics I believe is already said:

    Here’s how I can replicate the problem. Very simple plain vanilla installation at GoDaddy

    Create a subdomain other than www (my default URL now is
    Order a WordPress Application with all the defaults. This will install everything into the .\what folder.
    Go to your WordPress site admin (aka Dashboard).
    1. Left and bottom of menu, under Settings/General you don’t even need to make any changes just click the button at the bottom Save Changes. Here I end up with the logon window for WP.
    2. Left and Top of menu, under Posts click edit and click on the Hello World post to edit. On top of the edit windows you see Upload/Insert. Click any of the icons which should open a window for media upload. In this window click any of the other tabs and that’s where I end up in the precise same logon window.

    If I right click and view the source of the webpage, either for the media page or the login page, search for “what/” I find a line like this
    <input type="hidden" id="_wpnonce" name="_wpnonce" value="15efbbacc6" /><input type="hidden" name="_wp_http_referer" value="/what/wp-admin/post.php" />

    The relative path in value is definitely wrong and I have no clue how or why this would show up but, I’m most certain this is causing all the havoc. From what I know WP should not be aware of the path in the actual www-root.

    Explained this to GoDaddy Support and got following response

    Unfortunately, what you’re describing is beyond the scope of our support and we would be unable to assist you. We apologize for any confusion in this matter. Please let us know if we can help any other way.

    Regards, Tony P.
    Online Support Customer

    Meanwhile I searched some more and I found something I consider a work around.

    Okay so I have a Windows host configuration where when I ordered the sub-domain a folder within my root directory was created and the WordPress installation was put into that folder. So far so good. Works perfect. My understanding now is, that we have a virtual directory and probably Host Header tie this together. Hence, for WordPress /what should be the root where my host, aka subdomain, resides. Furthermore, the configuration in WordPress is exactly like that. Nevertheless and for unknown reason, WordPress is apparently able to pull out the /what path from somewhere.

    Now I’ve given a second thought to the configuration settings within WordPress where I can declare that the installation is in a different folder than the root. Surprisingly this is working now but quite frankly doesn’t make any sense to me and I’m not sure if this cause way more problems down the road. I also see that links to wp-admin are prefixed with this path.

    I hope this is enough input now, actually that is all that I know and can give. The actually website doesn’t matter, I guess, cause I’d had to give y’all the Admin account to see what the problem is.

    Any thoughts on this or comments what the correct configuration should be?

    Okay I got this fixed but no thanks to GoDaddy. They claim everything is fine and that it’s a problem in WordPress so they don’t support the installation.

    If you ever think about installing WordPress on GoDaddy and in it’s on directory and a different URL than WWW don’t think this will be an independent root path. Although they claim to be so.

    You’ll have to go into the WordPress Dashboard, click General Settings and provide the whole URL in WordPress address (URL). WordPress has to take care of this. GoDaddy is not able to provide an independent subdomain root from the www root although they claim it to be. WordPress can see the subdirectory and at some points in the admin panel tries to access this path and you’ll end up the login loop.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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