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  • Hi

    I need help. My client called to say he could’t access the site admin. I checked and all users lost access to the wp-admin. Don’t know if it was some failure or as result of an attack.
    I have access to phpmyadmin. Do you have any ideias how can I regain control of the website (there is no option configured to allow registering new users on the website)

    Thanks in advance.


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  • One other thing

    I have allready changed the password via PHPMyAdmin, similar to the process described in this post

    but it still doesn’t work.


    I’ve tryed everything, even the “Emergency Password Reset Script”
    And nothing.

    I still can’t access the admin. This just doesn´t make sense.

    Have you checked the wp-config.php is all in order? Does it show any signs of being a hack? Have any plugins been installed, themes changed or upgrades done prior to it going wonky? What’s the site url?


    Check with this article:


    Shane G.

    Hi guys.

    @alism I’ ve checked them all, and my client doesn’t have admin level and cannot install plugins. So nothing from the inside.

    A Hack maybe. The host (godaddy) has been under attack latelly. I’ve had some non-wp sites hacked not long ago.

    @shane G I’ve read the article, and there are some simple issues I will try, but I have to do it in a low trafic schedule cause I need to deal with DNS to get the site up again.

    As an alternmative, I’ve backedup the old DB, created a new one dumped the SQl file in it and run fresh instalation of wp in another directory, pointed DNS and I have a “New” site running.

    But since the main plugin on the website (a virtual e-shop), that took me months to adapt, was working under an old wp-version, now with the updated wp version it runs with some errors and my client is a bit annoyed cause Christmas is near…

    I kept the original version online, hoping I can find a solution, and be hable to login again.

    Sorry for my not-so-good english, but my native language is Portuguese.

    Thank you all!

    MAC 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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