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    Tried to log on to my site and do some updating and was surprised to get a User Account Locked Out message when I tried to login. Figuring I messed my PW I followed the processes to change the PW and no matter what I do I keep getting “ERROR: This user account is locked for security reasons. Please use Lost Password option to unlock it.”

    Have changed the PW via phpMyAdmin 3 times now and it still won’t let me log in. It’s not only the admin but my regular user account as well.

    Appreciate any ideas / suggestion.

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  • Have you tried contacting your hosts? “User Account Locked Out” isn’t a WordPress message that I’ve come across.

    Thanks esmi, I am the Host, running my own server. I’ve tried changing the PW on a 2 admin users and still get the same error. Changed them via the dB and ftp, still locked out. Any ideas how to reset the locked out ?

    I have access to the root dir at the console and the dB, can’t figure out why it would lock out the admin like this.

    Just a total shot in the dark, since I don’t do systems admin or anything but… I don’t suppose it has anything to do with Apache or .htaccess issues or mod rewrite issues or some other sys admin security issues?

    I recall once being locked out of my account (I have shared hosting) and when I contacted support, they told me that when they had last helped me resolve a different issue (which had been the night before), apparently some Apache setting had gotten goofed or some such.

    Thought of that and have been going through the system admin settings. This is weird as it worked last time I logged on a couple days back, it just started giving me this error this morning when I tried to login.

    No server changes or updates. MySQL is fine and I can access it at the console and via phpMyAdmin just fine.

    Might need to do a re-install I guess and rebuild the whole site :<(

    Haaang on for a few more minutes. Going to see if I can forward this to someone who might have better knowledge on potential server-side issues. 🙂

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    That’s not a core WordPress warning, which leaves either plugins or server configuration. Since you’re only seeing the error when logging in to WordPress, I’m leaning towards plugins on this one.

    Try resetting your plugins (no admin panel access required). If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

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    Are you running this plugin?

    User Locker 1.1.7 WordPress Plugin Review

    It produces that error message. 🙂

    Thanks All,

    I reset my pluggins and logged in. I believe it was the user Locker plugin. It’s disabled and soon to be Del.

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    You’re welcome!

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