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  • Ok. I am still having admin issues after getting no help the last time I left it alone and just bore with it for a few weeks.

    Today I had an idea, I installed a second blog in a sub directory, I then uploaded to this new blog a back up of my main blogs posts , I then added all plugins and set about configuring them ..

    I now have two blogs on the same server, 1 in / , and the other in /devblog/

    My new blog in /devblog which has all the same stuff running on it has a fast admin while my main blog in / is like a snail.

    The only difference between them is the my main blog has a few sub blogs in it, thats the only difference I can see.

    does this mean as it seems to indicate to me that there is a problem with activating the multi blog options ? any ideas on what I should look at to fix this ?

    I only have about 4 or 5 member blogs on the main site so its not like there are hundreds or anything.

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  • is there a way to save all widget settings ?

    think I’m just gona delete the whole site, install a clean wordpress and then try and get everything back to normal cos that second blog I installed is still running smooth, there must be something up with my main blog or its sub blogs but I cant track it down. so.

    would like to know if I can export widgets and settings so I dont need to reconfigure tons of them all over again.

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