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  • rcpower316


    I have been using this plugin for the past few months and it was working great until about a week ago or so. I don’t know if it was an update with wordpress or woocommerce but now my admin side is very slow and sometimes errors out making updates (product changes, blog posts, etc) hard to do. Upon testing, I found the HTTPS plug in to be causing the problems. When I deactivate it, the site works better and does not fail on me.

    Site is but again, the issue is on the admin side.

    Any suggestions on how I might fix this?

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  • elektroinside



    I have the same issue. I can’t remember doing anything else than updating Jetpack. Now WordPress HTTPS needs 0.6669 sec – 26.11% to load, in average, but usually takes longer…



    I have just started using the plugin – and having the same problem. Admin not working at all – I can login in, but any changes I make, the spinning wheel just keeps spinning.

    I did have trouble getting everything to work and now have unfriendly urls, I assume because I have shared ssl, as said in Faqs for plugin – only way I can get it to work (unless I use default permalinks, all I get is 404 errors). But now admin not working at all. If I disable plugin, admin works fine.

    I assume the default url problem is because of the shared ssl, but is the admin not working problem because of this as well? Just not sure if I have 2 different problems here, or they are related?

    If anyone can help, would be grateful.



    Likewise cpu going crazy thinking it might be this. p3 plugin says its using 43%

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