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  • I was creating a new blog entry on our server, where we self host WordPress. We have the latest version of WordPress.

    I was in the dashboard and inserted 3 SMALL file sized images about 80 KB each. I used the upload feature of the Dashboard to upload the images, and it showed the % complete bar goes to 100%, so I know it confirms uploading the photos.

    But they don’t show up in my blog, just broken image links. I tried it using both Explorer 9 and Firefox 10.0.2, and the same thing each time, the Dashboard says it uploaded the pics but they are not there.

    When we check in the dashboard under MEDIA > LIBRARY we can see the 3 photos and details listed there, but the thumbnails are not showing up there.

    I have read these forums and it 50% of the time people solve this by changing their permissions on the upload directory to 7-5-5. Our directory permission was already set to that, so were fine on permissions.

    The other 50% of the time, people solve this in the dashboard by going to SETTINGS > MEDIA and in the “Uploading Files” section there is a field that says:

    “Store uploads in this folder”.

    We made sure the field already says this: wp-content/uploads

    Careful to make sure we had no quotes, no leading slashes or anything else. I know other people reported problems by having a leading slash.

    As far as we are concerned, it should be all systems go, but yet it does not work.

    So,,, we looked on our server using FTP in our uploads directory, and saw the images were not in the wp-content/uploads directory!

    We then FTP’ed the 3 images directly to the wp-content/uploads directory on our server, and that finally got the images to show up in our blog! Now the thumbnails are showing up in the MEDIA > LIBRARY of the Dashboard like they should.

    My question is, why is WordPress confirming that the images upload with the progress completion bar, but then not putting the files there? This is very perplexing.

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  • I already did the old clear cookies, clear browser cache nonsense, and that has never solved anything ever, so please folks, real suggestions only.

    When you check the Media >Library and see the photos, is there a File URL listed when you click the Edit link? I’m referring to after you use the WP media uploader and got the 100% message, not the images you loaded by FTP.

    Gary, yes there were the text hyperlinks for th ephotos in the media library, and if you clicked on them, the link would take you to the main page of the blog! Very strange, but since there was no image uploaded, it probably is the default of the WordPress to send you the main page of the blog.

    On Explorer, before we uploaded the files manually by FTP, if you went to the blog post it would show up in the blog as a broken image. On Firefox, it would show you the hyperling representing the image, and clicking th ehyperlink would take you to main page of the blog.

    Very strange indeed, looks like it did everything except for actually uploading the image files.


    Many of these issues are related to your theme or plugins…can you verify this issue occurs with the default twenty eleven theme and no plugins? Also, when you say ‘self hosted on our server’, are you running your own server or on a webhost? The reason WP forum leaders suggest to provide a site link is that when we can see a live site we can often see some common issues, such as what your theme is, versions of jquery, rule out a local issue, test your site with various tools…without access to your site or additional information we would be only be guessing at the issue…

    We are hosted with a web hosting company. We do not use the themes, we made our own to match layout of our site.

    Here is the blog post with the images:

    the only plugins are the Akismet that comes with WordPress, and you need it, not a good idea to shut that one off. The other is Hello Dolly, that also comes with WordPress. Not other plugins.

    Why does one need Askimet? and what support does your theme have for it? Also, did you do as I suggested and try the twenty eleven theme and no plugins, this rules out the theme or plugins as the the issue…until you do so, I am and am sure no one is able to support your custom theme as we no access to it…

    You can ask the folks who created Askimet why they have it. It is supposed to help block people from spam commenting your blog.

    Actually, I just checked closer, they are not installed they are there and ready to activate but have not been activated, so there are no plugins involved, but I have seen numerous other people who have posted on the forum that shutting off plugins does not help. I’ll let you know.

    If it’s not plugins, it’s your theme…period.

    OK, we’ll take a look at the themes see if there’s anything out of place.

    But why would a theme have anything to do with whether or not file is uploaded to the upload directory or not? I just don’t see the connection. Obviously the theme had not problem setting up the fact that the image goes into the blog, so that once we FTPed the file up there manually, it appeared in the blog. Seem like everything is working perfectly accept for the actual file upload.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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