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  • I’ve upgraded my wordpress to 2.0. Everytime I want to access my admin interface, it takes much longer than before. Any ideas?

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  • Bhoney


    I thought it was just me having this problem….

    Donna Fontenot


    Same problem for me.






    Here too. It’s taking an average of 35 seconds to load the interface.



    OK! Maybe a matter of patience, it’s slower than the 1.5.2 version but prettier and more versatile.



    Actually, I notice it being faster than 1.5.2 was for me. However, the gathering of RSS entries for the WordPress blogs slows things down a bit. Try commenting out the code for this and see if it helps load times a bit.



    me too, much slower.

    soooo much slower. what is the deal?

    No solutions – but at least I am not alone. My admin section is very very slow. Getting to the dashboard and moderating spam is terrible. I have made a link directly to my write page which is much faster since it avoids the dashboard…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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