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    I feel it’s a good idea to change the title for the admin in all future releases.

    I manually replace:
    <title><?php bloginfo(‘name’) ?> › <?php echo $title; ?> — WordPress</title>
    <title>Admin – <?php bloginfo(‘name’) ?> › <?php echo $title; ?> — WordPress</title>

    I do this because many times people are working on multiple blogs and have admin and root open.

    In IE truncation, they are all exactly the same description. It creates mass confusion on my part, especially after an upgrade (when I lose all of my custom changes).

    I have enough problems when moving custom code from one blog to another, and I usually end up overwriting something 🙂

    The reason I’m requesting this in future releases is so that it’s easier to differentiate between the minimized pages in he task-bar and also so I don’t have to replace it manually after an upgrade 😀


    Another thing I manually change, and I feel this will make everyone’s life easier, is I change the “Presentation” link to go directly to the theme editor.

    More work is done in theme editor than selecting between which theme to use. Doing this is one less click and it amounts up to a lot over time.



    I also change the “view site” target to “_blank” as it adds functionality to the admin area when making many small changes.

    When it opens in the default window, administrators need to navigate back to /wp-admin

    Many users such as myself remove the login link from the template, therefore it needs to be manually navigated back to.

    I know I can right-click and open in new window, but it’s a lot easier and faster to just hit the link.


    In closing, I hope that you consider some these minor changes. They will make life a lot easier for some people.


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  • Subject 1: I don’t agree adding yet more to the title improves things here, especially in the case of the title bar or–if your browser has them–tabs. However, swapping blog name with admin page title (i.e. Dashboard > BlogName) works for me.

    Subject 2: I switch themes on occasion, but I never edit themes online. How would your change make my life easier?

    Subject: I hate having the choice of a link opening in the same window or a different one made for me.


    What makes life easier for some only makes it harder for others. Every choice made for the way a piece of software behaves is going to be a compromise.

    My two cents:

    1. The title change as Kafkaesqui suggested would be a good thing, then at least you know that your in the “Dashboard” from the title.

    2. I suppose I am indifferent to the “Presentation” link, as I usually don’t edit themes online and rarely even look at that tab at all.

    3. I’m a lazy one and I usually do open the “view site” link in a new window, but just pressing ctrl and clicking the link or middle clicking or what have you is easy enough, thought I like to have things separated in multiple tabs/windows, I know many people detest having new windows open. If you’ve already gone and tweaked things in the admin template, why not just add the target attribute yourself? Besides, the target="_blank" attribute is a deprecated/soon to be deprecated part of XHTML, keeping things compliant (hopefully) makes things consistent.

    Users have enough trouble with too many options and what-not in WordPress, thought I think a more customizable admin section would be nice, I think it should be left up to an individual user to tweak if they wish.


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