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  • Well here’s the thing, I SSH’d into my server to start playing with some code in a plugin I’ve been working on. Once I opened the file I noticed the following code, all jumbled up and well, quite frankly scared me.

    The thing is, it wasn’t just in this plugin, which had no code at all I might add, it was throughout my entire site. Furthermore it was also within multiple PHP files scattered throughout my server and titled something similar to w46978824w.php (a PHP file surrounded in W’s with an 8 digit number).

    Now I only had two live sites that hit me hard, but hopefully my daily backup saved my rear, we’ll see in a few hours. But this question is for the WordPress community, have any of you seen such a hack, or injection, or wtf ever it is.

    FYI my host is JustHost, and I’m switching to GoDaddy as soon as possible.

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  • Haven’t seen this particular one but I have seen others like this.

    It could have been that the server you were on was compromised, the theme you were using had a vulnerability or a plugin that you were using allowed for the hack to happen.

    A good site to check your site for malware is

    Also check out the Hardening WordPress codex article:

    Well after further investigation into this, prior to me reading your post, I found out that the attacks were server based. From some of that research and my own, including the inability for my cPanel to function properly due tot he fact of missing applications and links, and I mean a lot of them.

    Anyhow, this has made me re-think my account with JustHost. While I like the price, the cPanel sux and well, security must not be the best. So for now, I’ll fix these two sites, but I’ll be moving over to GoDaddy in a week or so.

    Wow! Really? I have a reseller account with JustHost, and I was hacked a week ago. IP tracked to Morrocco, or was it china? I cant remember. But I hardend my install. Took me a week of tweaks, and experineting with security. I recovered from the hack quick, but it took me a bunch of work before I was satisfied that it wouldn’t happen again.
    My attack was an SQL injection that took out my admin, but the damage was minimal.
    Wherever you go:
    1)Make sure your permissions for you wp-config are set right.
    2) If possible move wp-config up and out of the webaccessable folder.
    3) Block IP’s try:

    I review my traffic frequently, and honestly 99% of all my traffic coming in from outside the United States consists of spammers, or other suspicious activities. So I block whole Ip ranges from select countries, and proxies.
    Also try Better Security or Bullet proof
    One of them lest you easily change the wp_ prefix in the database.

    I wouldn’t recommend to use GoDaddy from personal experience and from other stories I’ve heard from many other people.

    I personally use HostGator and before I switched over to a VPS I used their shared hosting and never had any issues. Their live chat support is also superb.

    There are other great hosts out there as well, just my $.02 🙂

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