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    Hi WPMU Dev,

    I’ve tested multiple email addresses and admin copies of forms are not being received. Customers are receiving emails no issue, but Admins don’t receive.

    Everything was working fine as of 30th August 2019, so I’m assuming it’s an update that has caused the issue. There is nothing in junk/spam folders for the multiple admin email addresses ( different domains ) that I have tested.

    Also, WordPress has no issues sending emails as customers receive a copy of the form no problem. I have installed WP Mail Logging for debugging and it is showing no errors for emails and everything appears to send correctly.

    I’ve spun up a staging version of the website and tested there too and no email is sent to any address I set in the Admin field. However, if I test with a new form, there are no issues.

    After further testing, it appears to be only forms using the Stripe payment gateway that are not sending Admin email notifications.

    Forminator version: 1.9.1

    Kind regards,


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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by harpo1984. Reason: Update to include issue being limited to forms using Stripe
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  • Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @harpo1984

    I hope you’re well today!

    I tried to replicate this on my test site, using a simple form with Stripe payment (in test mode) but I wasn’t able to. Upon each submission I received admin notification, regardless of whatever address I put there.

    It’s possible that I’d need to test it in a bit different way so I’d like to ask you some additional questions:

    – does this happen for you if Stripe is in “Test” or “Live” mode or in both?
    – In “Behavior” configuration section is the form set to redirect to other URL upon submission or to display inline message?
    – in the same section is the “Method” set to “Ajax” or “Page Reload” and the “Load form using AJAX” is enabled or disabled in “Rendering” option?
    – in “E-mail notifications” – have you tested it with only admin notifications enabled instead of both admin and confirmation e-mails?
    – just to make sure – it doesn’t matter on your end if in “Recipients” field for admin e-mails you set an e-mail in your site’s domain or some other address – in both cases it doesn’t get through, right?

    Let us know, please.

    Kind regards,

    Thread Starter harpo1984


    Hi Adam,

    1. This issue occurs in both live or test mode
    2. URL Redirect in the same tab is used in the behaviour section ( I tested using inline as well but the same issue occurs, no admin emails. )
    3. Ajax is set for the Method ( I tested page reload and issue occurs, no admin emails. )
    4. Ajax is enabled for the Rendering Option ( I tested using Ajax rendering disabled as well but the same issue occurs, no admin emails. )
    5. Recipient emails always get through. It’s only admin emails not getting through, even if the address is set to the same domain or another address.

    Please, note, this issue only occurred since around September 1st 2019. Previously Admin emails were being received.

    Kind regards,


    Plugin Support Kasia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @harpo1984 ,

    Could you make another test on your staging site and downgrade plugin to the previous version and see if then those emails will be received?

    kind regards,

    Thread Starter harpo1984


    Hi @wpmudev-support2 ,

    So after running some additional test and checking advanced logs, there appeared to be an issue with Cloudflare causing a block. I tested this route and removed the 504 timeout issue being caused but this still did not solve the issue.

    However, it did reveal that the SiteGround server SPAM Protection was actually blocking any emails being sent by the plugin, very very strange. So we added an OAuth2.0 solution for sending emails and the issue is now resolved for any forms using the Stripe integration.

    Kind regards,


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