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  • My client is saying she is not consistently getting the Admin email notices when someone books an appointment. Some, yes, but not all. For example, she had 20 appointments set up and booked from January 1st to March 3rd, and out of those 20, she received 12 email notices and never received any for 8 of them. That’s a lot, and more than a coincidence.

    There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to whether they come through or not. Nothing I can see that might explain why some aren’t received. Even appointments that were booked on the same day (for various appointment dates) were not consistent — some came through and others didn’t.

    All software and plugins are up to date, and I haven’t added any new plugins that might be interfering with this one.

    I can’t tell if they’re just not being sent out at all, or if they’re sent out but getting lost along the way. We’re trying to test this out, so I added my email address to see if I get the ones that she doesn’t, but since she doesn’t open up new appointment times very often (and all are currently booked), it could take a while before we see any results.

    I wondered if anyone else had reported a similar problem?

    One of the bookings that she didn’t receive the notice for also received an unexpected cancellation notice. As far as I know, the person booking the appt did receive their copy of the booking email (although my client didn’t), but didn’t know how it got cancelled. I suspect the person might have clicked the cancellation link by accident, but I don’t think I can know for sure from the Admin side of the plugin.

    So again, I’m wondering if anyone else has reported something like this, where a booked appointment was unexpectedly cancelled?

    If I find out anything more, I’ll update this thread.

    Many thanks!

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    Oh, I should also mention, in case it’s related, that the calendar grid in the Appointments tab of the plugin isn’t displaying ANY appointments, when there are definitely some that should be shown. I’ve tried playing with the settings (specifying different types of appointments) but can’t get it to show any of them. I tried Exporting to Excel and that worked fine, but nothing shows up in the Appointment tab at all. Neither my client nor I usually use that, so I don’t know how long that’s been happening, but I thought I’d mention it.


    I’ve got a similiar problem. Some appointments are missing in the admin panel an the customer didn’t get a notification mail. But the admin received a mail for these missing appointments. When exporting to csv, all of the appointments appear in the list.

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