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  • Is it possible to send admin notifications to multiple email addresses? So like cc’ing someone else to the notifications. I thought maybe putting a comma separated list of addresses in the general settings field might work (not tried it).

    I am using some plugins like Gravity Forms, WPBB, and there are a team of admins who all need to be alerted.


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  • This is probably a question for those particular plugin forums… having said that, Gravity forms allows to to BCC multiple email address.

    Thanks Pete, I didn’t mean those plugins specifically but it was helpful.

    Would be cool to be able to add multiple addresses in the general settings field so that the value gets propogated to all plugins.

    I’ve done it by going to the database using phpMyAdmin and adding new addresses directly into the right field there – separated by a comma and a space. So what did say “” now becomes “,,“. So far so good ….

    Thanks a lot doobi – interesting!! 🙂

    I tried change in database like you said doobidoobidoo.
    Had no effect for me.
    What table and row did you change ?


    Big thx! Works for me!

    Separated by a comma and a space, but without – ” ”


    Try edit via Php My Admin wp_options/admin_e-mail

    Just write,

    Thanks davidgabunia ! Got it working too 🙂
    Turn out my biggest problem was that gmail blocked my domain from sending e-mail to my gmail address.
    My web support finally told me … And that they try to get it unblocked by gmail. Little unlucky …. since my domain is by no way anything evil. Just a swedish name related to ecological living.
    At the moment I forward via my other web service, to my gmail address. So I’m happy all the same !!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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