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  • Today I decided to upgrade to version 2.8 and after I upgraded without any problem, when it came to re-enable the plug-ins ( I use nearly 17 plugins ) after enabling some 10 plugins I realized that

    1. Its giving the Error 500 for some plugin pages
    2. The Admin Dash board seems to be highly corrupted.

    A snap shot is here. The drag able and slid able things are not working and one of the columns is missing. However there seems to be no problem at other admin pages except Dashboard.

    When I deactivated the plugins, The dashboard was fine once again. I tried enabling the plugins one by one but the problem stats occurring after second or third or sometimes after first activated plugins. NO matter in what order I activate them.

    Most of the plugins are 2.8 compatible and it doesn’t matter that which plugin I activate the problem occurs for any set of plugins.

    Maybe this and this Person is also talking about the same problem.

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  • Now I found that edit.php is giving Error 500


    I need Help friends


    I am a total novice and had similar issue. A friend fixed it for me and the following is what he said. I really can’t help any more than this, as it is above my head to begin with. I sure hope this helps you.
    Found your issue – no plugins fault.

    The error is:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 228968 bytes) in /mnt/stor2-wc1-dfw1/371558/393513/ on line 251

    I fixed it by adding @ini_set(‘memory_limit’,’64M’); to your config file.

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