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  • Looking for a way to adjust admin color scheme to assist a visually impaired gentleman who can see, but must magnify what he’s looking at. His words, “I need more contrast”. He is having a hard time distinguishing the text areas and buttons. Also – he has also said it would be great if the editor buttons were larger.

    Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  • esmi


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    You could try searching for Admin themes but I doubt there’ll be much to help this particular user out of the box. I’d suggest grabbing the most minimalistic Admin theme you can find and then hacking it.

    Yellow text on a black background with green links works well if you need a high contrast display and, if possible, reverse the colors for the onhover, onactive and onfocus states for all links and buttons. I’d also look at getting rid of any button background images and setting button font sizes in ems. In fact, try to change all font-size specs to ems.

    If you need a hand with this, give me a shout via esmi at quirm dot net. I’ve got some experience creating displays for users with different needs – including visual impairment. I’d also like to see a good, high contrast Admin theme made available on, if possible.

    There’s a plugin that used to work, not sure if it still does, and you could grab the code from that plugin to style your own admin theme.

    The plugin is called “Tiger Admin Theme

    I use the Easy Admin Color Schemes plugin in combination with a good color profile editor supporting style sheets (CSS).

    To create your own custom color profile for the admin theme, you could try and import any admin_style.css into the online color generator Screenshot and more info

    Have fun! I did.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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