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  • After giving a user author status, I can no longer post as the admin and am forced into publishing posts as the person I gave authorship to. If I demote them to a subscriber, I can post again though. Also it only happens with this one user. I’ve been able to grant authorship to another user before, so it seems to be a new problem.

    I really don’t know much about coding, so I don’t know what else I can say. My site is here if it helps: (PG13-ish so probably not terribly work safe)

    EDIT: I can’t make anyone else a contributor, editor, and etc… either. It seems if I assign more than 1 person to anything higher than a subscriber role, I lose my ability to post as the admin.

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  • I have some new information now. I was able to grant a second account I created with admin capabilities, and I am able to perform admin functions and post with that account, while also having multiple users as authors as well.

    With this being said my problem is kind of pseudo-solved. I’d still like to find out how the admin account can regain it’s ability to post. I also have concerns that perhaps this issue could be database related?

    Anyone have a clue? Suggestions?

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