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admin, but pw?

  • so the username i should login with is admin? but how do i know the password? i cant re-install, cuz i would have to delete database files but i have no clue how.
    anyone could help me?

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  • If you have phpmyadmin, you can set another:

    what is phpmyadmin?

    if i download it, can i just delete those files in the database? sry 4 double post, dunno how to edit 😛

    Do you have a cpanel for your web space ?
    If so, phpmyadmin should be listed there, or if using cpanel x, it will be listed at the bottom of the mysql page.

    errr i dont have cpanel i guess… not sure tho. but if i would have it, where could i find it?

    Email the people who provide your webspace ?

    errr, i must have to wait yet 2 other days? isnt there any other was as CPanel to reach my database?

    How did you set up the database name to install wp?
    Was that not on a cpanel ?

    err, i didnt set it up, my host did…

    Okay.. try this.
    Download the file called ‘wp-config.php’
    Open it with Notepad.
    Find the part that has ‘wp_’ (it’s on the same line as table_prefix)
    Change that to ‘wp1_’
    Save the file
    Upload it
    Run install again.

    errr, i guess i kinda get it… gonna try it out… i will post as soon as i did that…

    ok, i can install again. but can ya tell me where i get that pw? cuz i really didnt see it before 😮

    errr, i’ll first try podz’s way, if it wont gimme luck, i’ll try planetthoughtful’s way 😉

    step one:
    Installing WP-Links.
    Checking for tables…
    Can’t find table ‘wp1_linkcategories’, gonna create it…
    Table ‘wp1_linkcategories’ created OK
    Can’t find ‘wp1_links’, gonna create it…
    Table ‘wp1_links’ created OK
    Looking for category 1…
    Gonna insert category 1…
    Inserted category Ok
    All done!
    still no pw right?

    Scroll down , go to the next page.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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