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    On the admin: The booking page shows dates like this:
    “-0001.11.30. 00:00”

    Events Made Easy version: 2.0.43

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  • Plugin Author Franky


    Can you first upgrade and try again? And also: please explain in a little more detail your problem afterwards …

    Plugin Author Franky


    no reply, closing.



    Hi @liedekef

    Great job with the plugin.

    I’m experiencing similar issue as the author of this topic. Suddenly, about 70% of all bookings got “0000-00-00 00:00:00” values in database for creation_date column. Which obviously broke event’s date in admin and frontend.

    Plugin version: 2.0.51

    Any ideas how to debug this?

    Plugin Author Franky


    First: please update.
    Second: what verison of php, wordpress and mysql are you using? Booking creation date is not related to events date at all. And which is your wordpress setting concerning date/time representation?



    Of course, update is on our todo list. Anyway, we need to sort this issue out first.

    PHP 7.0.32
    WP 4.9.8
    MySQL 5.5.56-MariaDB

    Sorry, yes, events’ dates are fine. Bookings / RSVPs dates are broken.

    Custom date setting: D jS M Y
    Custom time setting: g:ia
    Timezone: utc+0
    Week Starts On Monday

    Plugin Author Franky


    Not too difficult:

    the bookings table has 2 columns, creation_date and modif_date. Both have type datetime.
    But for sake of ease, I no longer manually update these but use the definition

    creation_date datetime $default_current_ts,
    modif_date datetime $default_current_ts $update_current_ts,

    $default_current_ts=”DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP”;

    ut that definition is only valid for newer database servers, so for old ones I leave the default empty (and so that column is empty too).
    This is the current check I make to try and detect old db servers:

    $mysql_version = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT VERSION();”);
    $mysql_version = preg_replace( ‘/[^0-9.].*/’, ”, $mysql_version);
    $mysql_old = version_compare( $mysql_version, “5.6”, ‘<‘ );

    So in short: your db version is too old, update to something more recent if possible or currently accept the empty datetime info there (and even that still doesn’t block rsvp, it is just the booking datetime info that is empty then).

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