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  • This hack adds a style/theme manager to the WordPress admin panel and allows a blog owner to choose a style to be displayed. Addition of styles is as simple as creating new folder for styles and copying them to a wp-style folder in your WordPress folder. This hack is also Alex’s Style switcher compatible, though the tutorial is not updated with that info. It will be in a future release. This hack comes with 2 styles from the CSS styles competition.
    Here is the link to the hack
    You can see it on display here
    Please post bugs and feedback here.

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  • Let me get this straight – the hack transfers style-switching from the sidebar where readers can switch skins, to the admin side where only the user can?
    Can somebody explain what the problem is with only having one stylesheet, and uploading a replacement when you get bored of it? I’m lost.

    i belive u can upload many style sheets and can change them with few clicks from the backend as per ur mood/festival and so on…
    much better than uploading files again and again!

    Hang on guys. Switching style is not only about being cool and demonstrating
    our nascent css wizardry. It is also about accessibility. Some browsers have style switching built into the menu bar. Not much use having control in the admin panel then. We gotta be semantic now see 😉

    What does it mean “Alex’s Style Switcher compatible”? Do you mean i can have both hacks in my WP installation? If i do, then does the admin-based choose the “default” style, and with Alex’s Switcher the reader can override that?

    I love the idea but after I selected the theme, it would not change. I’d followed the steps accordingly. Perhaps I should retry again on the 3rd time. 🙁

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: checked() in /home/htdocs/my/linux/box/wp-admin/chose_style.php on line 69

    There has been an update to this hack which can be downloaded from the same link. xtool: your problem would probably be solved through that update.
    @kayaker: Your error is very intriguing. This hack has been tested on almost every version of WordPress after 1.0 platinum (till 1.2 alpha) However, try this and see if it helps.
    Open chose-style.php with your editor and find:
    Add this right below that line:
    function checked($checked, $current) {
    if ($checked == $current) echo ‘ checked=”checked”‘;

    @anatman: By “Alex’s Style Switcher compatible” I mean that the CSS file names and folders are similar and could be used together. This is already implemented in my WuhWuh 0.1 incarnation of WP found here:
    In order for this hack to be used with Alex’s Style switcher, you would have to modify the code a little bit, or wait for me to update the hack tutorial with the new information. That should be done soon.

    Thank you, LL, i will then wait for your update to the tutorial. Please post here when it is ready!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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