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Admin bar not showing despite common fixes

  • The problem doesn’t seem to be my theme since the admin bar isn’t showing using twentyten or twentyeleven.

    Regardless, checked the footer issue and…nope.

    Yes, I have the option set under users > Your profile. It will work within the dash, but I need it to show while viewing the site.

    Reinstalled wordpress… no fix. *sigh*

    Anyone have any guess what else it could be? This is hosted on Godaddy and I know Godaddy is not a favorite, but the admin bar is working fine on other sites I have hosted there.


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  • oh, to add….

    There is no blank space where the admin bar should be. There’s simply no admin bar while viewing the site at all. It looks as if it has simply turned off, but it is not.

    oh geeze, what else will I forget?… I also deactivated all plugins, so that isn’t the issue either.

    I am also experiencing this, I noticed it happened when made my WordPress address (URL) different from my Site address (URL). If I revert back to the default I can see the admin bar, if I make them different it disappears.



    wyndom is on the right path. I also had this issue once, and by correcting the wordpress address and site address url’s, you’ll find it should fix the issue.

    This happens often when moving a copy of WordPress but it’s an easy fix.

    So were you able to use different wordpress URL and site address?



    Depending on your server, having a ‘www’ or not before the url makes a difference.

    yep, that did the trick. I’d really like to have just http://mysite.com instead of http://www.mysite.com is there a fix?



    Of course.

    You can remove this via the .htaccess file in the root of your install:

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.domain\.com$ [NC]
       RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://domain.com/$1 [L,R=301]

    …obviously change the domain to your own.

    Hope this helps.


    I got a timed out error due to too many rewrites. bummer.



    He guys I have read an article that it is best not to have all the files from wp in the root directory but instead in some sub directory with a cryptic name.
    This is due to security lacks from wp. Further you should put only the index file into the root and add the name from your sub directory into the following line of code from your index file:


    So in this case it is impossible to have WordPress address and the site address the same.

    Now what can there be done to still get the admin bar.

    I would be really happy if one has an answer.





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    @playfield-media: Please post a new topic instead of posting in a 3 month old topic that has nothing to do with your question.

    it is best not to have all the files from wp in the root directory but instead in some sub directory with a cryptic name.
    This is due to security lacks from wp

    If I may be blunt, that is complete garbage. The most obvious reason why, is that your theme, images, plugins, etc are all going to be in that crypicly named folder. Which means that the path to the folder is going to appear in plain text in your source code, which is viewable from any browser.

    Now I do run my index.php in root, and have my files in a folder. This is just to keep my root folder tidy, without all sorts of files in there. Also, my admin bar works perfectly with this setup

    @playfield-media – have you deactivated ALL plugins, and switched to twentyeleven theme to test if your admin bar comes back?



    thx for the quick reply…. I have done all over again and now it’s fine 🙂

    Okay getting back to the ORIGINAL TOPIC.. I too am having issues with an older theme on a site I just upgraded to 3.3.1. The theme did not support widgets or menus. I have since added code so that now both widgets and menus are supported.. I have made sure that wp_head() and <?php get_footer(); ?> are in my theme files.. The daggone admin bar REFUSES to show up!!!! Help!!!



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    Try adding <?php wp_footer(); ?> to your theme’s footer.php template file.

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