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    I’ve found the setting location for the admin bar, and it’s checked by default. If I check the second setting, it displays when I’m on the Admin pages. But it won’t display at all when I’ve viewing my blog. Is there something else that needs to be set? Does something need to be added to my theme to make it work?


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  • Ok, it’s displaying on another one of my sites. So it’s obviously something to do with my theme…

    I’m just thinking; I run a half-dozen blogs. It’d be neat if the admin bar could have links to all of them, not just the one I’m visiting. And if there were a Safari extension, too, that could provide that access…


    Add Menus to the Admin Bar of WordPress

    a discussion on adding things to the admin bar, you may be able to adapt to your needs

    After I upgraded, the Admin Bar doesn’t show at all. It doesn’t show within the dashboard or within my site. Don’t care about it displaying within my site, but why wouldn’t it show within my dashboard?


    It’s disabled by default.

    Users > Your Profile > in dashboard

    @malonn: I have it checked.

    Then I have no idea. The admin bar in the admin area works for me when I have it checked, just not the website area.

    I’ve tried checking both of the options as well.

    I found my issue…

    I went through my plugins one by one. I needed to deactivate WPtouch Pro. Once that was deactivated, the Admin Bar showed within my Dashboard & on my site. I’ve reported the issue to BraveNewCode.

    Phew!!! I had the same problem (caused by WPtouchPro). I had checked that the header and footer calls were there but no joy. Thanks for posting this. Saved a lot of head scratching. Fingers crossed, they’ll sort the issue quickly…

    Hello folks – Web Design Showroom here.

    The most common cause of this problem is that when you create your own template, you must remeber to call wp_footer(); in your footer section for the admin bar to show.

    Hope this solves most queries.

    Web Design Showroom


    Thanks man – still getting to grips with creating themes from scratch and called get_wp_footer instead of just wp_footer, thank you – sorted out my admin bar and one or two other oddities I was struggling with – you’re the man.

    thanks again and Warmest Regards


    PS: these forums are awesome.



    I’m having this same problem. I use the minimatica theme on two different sites. the admin bars shows on one but not the other. I tried adding wp_footer(); to the footer section since it wasn’t there, but that didn’t help. I also have the box checked on the user page as mentioned above. Still i have no admin bar when viewing on the web. Any other thoughts on how I can fix this? thanks.

    have you checked for the wp_head() in the header?



    yes, I just checked and it’s there in the code but I am using a custom header image, does that matter?

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