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    I like the addition of the admin bar, but is there any way to remove specific items from it… for example I don’t use comments on my site so I have no need for it in the bar. As well as appearance since I’ll never change the theme nor the widgets (don’t use those either). thanks!

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  • I agree that it’s kind of an imposition especially on sites that require a login. You can turn it off under Users > Your Profile and there is also code that you can add to the functions.php of your theme to turn it off globally, but right now those are the only options AFAIK.

    Ya I added the remove code in my functions.php file but I would rather keep it. It’s kinda nice to see the page, see an error, and goto the edit page right from it. It’s very handy but filled with things I don’t care to look at or would ever use.

    I’m also digging the custom menus but wish I would have seen it before building a new client site… they would have liked it instead of using the exclude page plug in that I used. Ha, oh well… next time maybe.

    It’s also very easy to have an “edit this page” link on the page which only appears if you are logged in and have edit capabilities. Personally I don’t think I need the admin bar and I think it tends to homogenize all WP sites. Of course if you are running a business you pay a lot of money to have a unique look. I’m glad that there are ways to turn it off.

    It’s very easy to exclude pages from the menu without a plugin. The custom menus thing is more about being able to add pages, especially pages that are outside of your WordPress installation.

    I have a high traffic intra-net site where users really have no need for the Admin Bar at the moment. I disabled it globally using Ozh’s plugin.

    Disable Admin Bar

    That was just one more option in my case. Works like a charm so far.

    No need for a plug in… just toss this in your functions.php:
    add_filter( ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’ );

    That’s all the plugin actually is as well, just the same filter. I was being the lazy sort today because I let them use a theme switcher for personalization, and didn’t feel like editing multiple theme function files. The plugin was a hard and fast solution. Plus, it’s just so darned cool!


    The plugin is ‘better’ since it’s not theme dependent.

    If you run MultiSite, OR single site actually, put it in the mu-plugins folder (if you don’t have it, make it on the same level as the plugins folder). That will AUTOMATICALLY run on your website, and never be able to be turned off.

    So how do you get to be a “Half-Elf Support Rogue”?

    First you have to sneak up on the code ninjas or team pirates and stab their pockets.

    Sounds exciting. I just try to steer people in the right direction if possible.

    Does anyone know a simple way to disable the Admin Bar for “subscribers” only?

    I actually like it for my own use, but would really rather have it hidden for the vast number of subscribers who would not use any of its functionality.


    function yoast_disable_admin_bar() {
    if ( 2 == get_current_user_id() ) {
    add_filter( ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’ );
    add_action( ‘init’, ‘yoast_disable_admin_bar’ , 9 );

    I think? It would go into your functions.php… I’m using it now.

    @consumerdesign, that disables it for a specific user (whomever has the user ID of 2 in the example). I’m looking it do it based on the user role.

    Thanks to you, I found that Yoast article on the issue and it got me on the right track. I’m thinking something along these lines (notice bold section):

    <?php function yoast_hide_admin_bar_settings() {
    <style type=”text/css”>
    .show-admin-bar {
    display: none;

    function yoast_disable_admin_bar() {
    if (current_user_can( ‘publish_posts’ )){
    add_filter( ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’ );
    add_action( ‘init’, ‘yoast_disable_admin_bar’ , 9 );

    Any thoughts?

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