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    I’m really really sorry to ask something like that, when is already explained, but I don’t understand this:

    Warning: Some languages provide a special xx_XX.php file disabling your login!

    This happens if you did not define you own phrases inside the wp-config.php file. If the default is still in place at any of those defines like define(’AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrase here’); the internal validation fails. The failure reason is the additional file needed for russian language named “ru_RU.php” in cooperation with your wp-config.php file. Inside this file the default phrase has been changed to

    $wp_default_secret_key = 'впишите сюда уникальную фразу';

    instead of original ‘put your unique phrase here’. This can be solved if you modify the wp-config.php file with your own phases as highly recommended by WP core teams too.

    So I’ve checked the file and there’s any ru_RU.php but one for tr_TR and I realised what to do.

    I unsuccessful tried to replace with each of this line:

    • The authcode in my temp site
      <?php $wp_default_secret_key = '{-/aEEa>Bp+*1icmLxFd!D(F#E<UY/(s.$3JU=|WEf.&LHnJ#ubwA-)$YMa7+2%?'; ?>
    • Code with ” (for both files and tried with both the text, TR and RU)
      <?php $wp_default_secret_key = "eşsiz karakter kümenizi buraya yerleştirin"; ?>
    • Code with ‘ (as written in your guide, both files RU and TR)
      <?php $wp_default_secret_key = 'eşsiz karakter kümenizi buraya yerleştirin'; ?>

    After all this try, I still got the problem…

    Can you give me some suggestione please?
    Is supposed to be really simple, but I still have no luck =(

    Language files uploaded through FTP manually.
    WP version 3.5.1
    Plugin version 1.3.10
    Language installed: En, Ge, Es, It, Tr, Ru, Ar

    Sorry again for the question, and thanks for this awesome plugin!

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  • Because I’m going crazy with this plugin, I left only de_DE language, and the problem is still the same………..
    I forgot to say, I’m using a custom theme!

    Any suggestion?

    I’m making different test to try to understand when the problem happens:
    With you version 1.3.8 is working perfectly…
    Replacing with the new version I encounter the problem, so isn’t my fault =P

    Plugin Author codestyling


    The downloadable version at doesn’t contain this ru_RU.php anymore.
    The downloadable version at contains a tr_TR.php file but it doesn’t raise any issues with my plugin in version 1.3.11

    not reproducible, closed.

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