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    When we reply to comments the system could show us more information like the user role (some of us have premium subscribers and we’d like to prioritizing them when answering to comments) and also we should be able to click the user name and be taken to the user profile on the edit user page.

    I can’t find a plugin to fix that.

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    It would be also useful to be able to see the entire thread on that screen, because it’s very frequent that I find myself without knowing the context of the conversation, which forces me to go back and forth to the page itself to see the entire discussion, being that a considerable time waster. Thanks!

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    @thesimarchitect Please do not create duplicate topics. I’ve archived your newer one.

    As you are aware, the built in comment management is pretty basic and a plugin search isn’t that useful.

    You may want to consider offloading the comments to a third party service as an option.

    The upside is that comment systems like Disqus may offer a better management experience but it also (generally) makes your site dependent on that service.

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    I am sorry! I forgot I posted about it before (notice that nobody cared to reply in a month, but after this mistake of mine someone actually read and bothered to call my attention, interesting priorities here)!

    I did search it many times, not only in the plugins search but Google as well, I don’t need to change the front end, I need to change the back end to make it easy to manage comments on my end. All “solutions” are designed to change the front end, add features, make everything heavier and slower.

    I already use wpDiscuz and it’s doing an OK job on the front end. I need to keep things simple, lightweight and free (can’t afford anything premium right now, sadly).

    I don’t want to host my comments on a separate platform, I prefer to own my data and have my website run faster with less iframes, thank you. I have friends who can’t move their forum from a certain platform because the host just won’t let them have their data, so they are stuck paying a monthly fee or have to start from scratch losing 10 years of posts, thousands of users etc.

    How can we submit suggestions towards WordPress’ future updates? The back end surely needs an overhaul.

    Thanks anyway.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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