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  • After i made a plugins update w3 total cache and better wp security i cannot login into my admin area i see only a blanck browser screen. I can see my website is working but no admin area there. I have a logfile from my hoster but i do not understand it realy.

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  • I would suggest disabling the plugins you just upgraded to see if and which one is causing the problem.

    If you don’t have wp-admin access, delete their folders from the plugins folder.

    If it starts working ok again, then download one of the plugins, enable it, check it again, etc.. until you find out which one is causing a problem.

    Do you have access to your database? I have had an issue with better wp security before and I had to clear the plugin from my database via phpMyAdmin

    i have access to my database but i’m not shure wich data to remove

    Did you have to delete the option settings from the options table?

    i have a error logfile from my website

    sorry i’m not so familiar with the database

    I had to go into options and delete the plugin from the live plugins table and that did the trick

    Try the simple method of deleted the folder from your plugins directory using FTP as mentioned above… it MAY work

    But sometimes settings remain inside the DB after simply deleting the plugin folder

    ok i found a solution for the problem i removed into the plugins folder w3-total-cache plugin i removed into the wp-content folder the following folders “w3tc” “w3tc-config” and files “advanced-cache.php” “db.php” “object-cache.php” and “w3-total-cache-config.php” now my backend is accessible.

    Problem resolved

    Another disastrous update by W3 Total cache team. Left with a blank screen on the front end and no access to the back end after updating. To remedy the problem go into your file manager and delete all traces of W3 Total Cache in the plugins folder and /wp-content folder.

    Why the hell is this being pushed still when the developers know it causes catastrophic website failure? No credibility. It should have been immediately withdrawn.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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