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    Hi All! I’m a designer/front-end developer and one of my client’s blog’s is giving her the dreaded all-white admin area. The blog is located at

    This apparently happened after she created a new blog post (no idea why). Here are the things I’ve tried so far:

      increasing the memory limit in wp-config.php
      changed name of plugins folder to plugins.deactivate to deactivate all plugins
      backed up then deleted the theme we’ve been using (ProPhoto 4) to go back to wordpress default

    Nothing worked. Deleting the ProPhoto theme actually caused her actual site to go all-white as all. I re-added the ProPhoto theme back in and now the site is working again, but admin area is still all white. Interestingly, the ProPhoto theme admin area within the wordpress admin area is working fine, and from within that area I can see the top nav bar and everything. But when I try to click on the bar or access any general admin area, everything is just white.

    I suspect that we obviously need to update her wordpress installation, but I’m not sure how to do that without being able to see anything in her admin pages.

    Any ideas? Help is very much appreciated!!!

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  • First thing I would check is the functions.php file for any empty whitespace at the end of it. I always run into this issue when I leave an extra carriage return at the end of my file.

    Open up functions.php, scroll down to the bottom and double check for it.

    Another thing I would check….If this issue really did arise from creating a blog post (which probably shouldn’t happen), is login through phpmyadmin and just remove the post manually that she created to see if that resolves any issues.

    I would ALSO try renaming the plugins via FTP (which will deactivate ALL current plugins). You can do this by just changing the name of the plugins folder to something new, say plugins-deactivated as an example.


    Thanks so much Evan! I checked function.php and everything seems to be in order there.

    I’ll go ahead and check on deleting that post now.

    I have already renamed the plugins folder to plugins.deactivated via FTP and that didn’t fix it unfortunately :-/

    Follow up question, how do I log into phpmyadmin? And where do I find that? Sorry…I’m mostly ignorant when it comes to php.

    It depends on your host provider. I use bluehost as my hosting provider, so from the cpanel I can access phpmyadmin through a link there. I’m sure its very similar for your host.

    You can login to phpmyadmin using your host credentials

    Nevermind, found it. Just trying to find the post she told me about now. I’m not actually seeing it which might mean she didn’t actually get far enough to create the post before she got the error.

    Okay yes I just confirmed with her, it was white before she was able to create the post…that’s what she was logging in to do but she never got that far.

    So stumped!!

    haha, that’s actually where I started! I wanted to do my due diligence before posting here. I tried all the steps he posted in that order with no luck. The only thing I’ve yet to do obviously was restarting from scratch with a new wordpress installation. Was trying to avoid that since that tends to be an unwieldy process with my photographer clients, who have tons and tons of media files that are tricky to transfer over to a new installation. Any other ideas short of that? I’m willing to do that of course but was really hoping for an easier solution.

    I have had many people contact me via this issue, and have generally always resolved it. As a final final resort I would start from scratch, but from my experience it can be fixed.

    I wish I had access to the backend myself to take a look. This issue is so frustrating, I know what sort of situation you’re in.

    So at this point I don’t know how else to fix the problem and I’m okay starting with a new wordpress installation if absolutely necessary. However, I realized I don’t know how to do that if I can’t get the to admin area where I can backup/export the posts. Any ideas?

    This problem has finally been resolved! Apparently Bluehost upgraded to PHP 5.4 and that didn’t jive with my client’s out-of-date wordpress installation, and that’s what was causing the blank admin area. I manually backed up her entire wordpress installation and then backed up her database and attempted to upgrade to 3.8.2 through MojoMarketplace. That gave me an error, so I jumped on livechat with Bluehost this morning, and they were able to complete the upgrade to 3.8.2. I tried to log back in. It prompted me to upgrade the database (always a good sign!!) and then when I got to the dashboard everything was fixed!! I’m thrilled to say the least. Hopefully this helps anyone else in the same situation.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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