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  • Hi,

    I’ve spent over half a day going though this and looking at all the options.

    Emails have been coming through but not all of them. This suggested to me that the email system is working but…

    I have used my own smtp settings (with WP mail SMTP plugin), I’ve also created a mailgun account and a send grid account. All have been tested using the WP mail SMTP test feature, all accounts delivered mail.

    I have entered my email address at the bottom of the settings / email page.

    I have created test accounts which ‘Require admin review’ by setting this in the user role area. The emails that were getting through to the user were the “account is pending review” email.

    I have never received an admin email from the system.

    I then authorised some test accounts and rejected others. More user emails came through at this stage but still no admin emails.

    I then used a logged in user account to delete the account. The account deleted correctly but no user email was received and still no admin emails.

    I then went through the process of winding the system back to a bland theme (2017) without any plugins activated (except ultimate members and WP mail SMTP)

    Here’s where things get spooky. Since switching off all other plugins now NO MAIL is being sent, no user emails and no admin emails. If I use WP mail SMTP to send a test email then that still comes through.

    Where should I look now?

    Thanks in anticipation


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    At least part of the problem was send grid. WP Mail SMTP reported that the test message had been sent but nothing showed up in the mailbox and nothing showed up in the send grid dashboard.

    I switched back to mailgun. User emails are getting through again.

    At the bottom of the list of emails, of the three that have my admin email set against them I have activated ‘New user notification’ and ‘Account deletion notification’. ‘Account needs review notification’ is a red cross.

    I am receiving the account deletion email but not the new user email.

    Your thoughts on this?


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    Well, I’m convinced that there is an issue somewhere with new user notifications. I’ve done everything that has been suggested (short of installing an older version of the plugin). All aspects of email management seem to work except for new user notifications to me, the admin.

    If there isn’t a fix for this then I’ll have to look at alternative plugins which would be a real shame because this one seems to be a pretty good all-rounder…

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    Hopefully the final update…

    Having tried many different ways to troubleshoot and resolve this issue I finally managed to get the admin notification of new user registration to come through.

    My testing of the email system had been done with the same email account that was set up as the admin email address. When, at the bottom of the Ultimate / Settings / Emails page I changed the address of the admin address to which notification emails should be sent (so that it was a different email address than the site admin address) then the emails came through.

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