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    This is one of the main reasons we NEVER edit core files. For the love of god.. please use a child theme!!

    What you need to do is get a fresh copy of your theme’s functions.php file. Then, you will need to use either an FTP account, or your hosts CPanel to gain access to your file directories.

    Lastly.. you will want to navigate to where your theme files are located… and upload the new copy of the functions file… replacing the current one.

    EDIT: You might want to make a backup of the “messed-up” functions file.. so that you have a reference of the modifications you made. Then, create a child theme, create a custom functions.php file.. and work from there.

    Add the following to the top of wp-config.php right after the opening <?php to turn on displaying errors. It should then display whatever error is preventing your site loading correctly.

    @ini_set('display_errors', 1);

    thank you so much for the reply.

    I was only following instructions from theme developer support to modify the theme.

    I should also add I am a newbie and need to ask the following:

    1.I have a copy of the functions theme on note pad. what do convert it to in order to upload?

    2. I use cpanel, where would I locate current functions.php

    3. will all the changes still be on the current functions php?

    Many thanks

    how and where do I open wp-config.php ???

    I was only following instructions from theme developer support to modify the theme.

    Did you ask him/her to help with this ?

    It should be in the root folder where wordpress is installed. If you’re using cpanel to access /wp-content/your_theme/function.php, wp-config.php will be before /wp-content/

    ok great I located he functions php and config php

    I have downloaded the current functions.php an just re edit manually upload and swap with existing one? what format does it have to be?

    my theme support should come back to me in the morning

    in cpanel you should be able to edit the file directly and then save it or replace the file with the edited one… as mention though by Josh, make a backup copy of the file before overwriting the one on your server.

    How were you accessing the file to make the modifications?

    someone else has done the modifications

    on cpanel there is editor and code editor an also encoding check, do I disable?

    for backing up I can just copy the file onto a folder right?

    no don’t disable anything in your cpanel. And yes copy the file to another folder to back it up.

    it gives me the option to copy in the wp content of my theme. or do i copy somewhere else

    Download the file onto your computer to back it up and save it somewhere it’ll be safe. Then use cpanel’s editor to edit the original php file you backed up and save it =)

    ok I edited the parts where I made the changes but still getting a blank page!?!

    27-Oct-2012 22:02:45] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘)’ in ……/functions.php on line 95

    this was emailed from my hosting company.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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