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  • Hi All,

    First I am new and I am not a developer, I am self taught and get most things but this has me stumped!

    Since the update to 3+ I am now getting a admin-ajax.php 500 internal error on product variation. Both variable product and variable subscription.

    I have deactived and reactived all plugin’s and it seems the issue lies with woocommerce itself. Debug error report is showing woocommerce_variable_product sync.

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction. I need variations on 4 of my products and the most variations on one of those is 36 so I don’t think it’s that. Also memory is at 256 and php is 5.6

    It’s throwing out my entire site as I have a custom pricing table which pulls through sign up fee (which with this error it’s not able to do) and a currency switcher which also will not operate while this error is here.

    Can attached Woocommerce system log if required although everything looks good on that and debug log if you want.

    Theme is Storefront, subscription plugin is woo also.


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  • Hello, I also present an error similar to having the “WooCommerce Subscriptions” plugins active, when I try to create an order, it does not allow me to add a product and I get the error “wp-admin / admin-ajax.php 500 (Internal Server Error)”

    Same exact problem here. Below are the steps we’ve taken troubleshooting but so far we haven’t been able to fix this:

    • Console shows this error: XMLHttpRequest cannot load due to access control checks.
    • Tried resetting the .htaccess.
    • Updated all plugins EXCEPT for any related to WooCommerce. The reason we didn’t try those yet is because we’ve been reading that so many users are having problems with the new 3.0 release.

    We can’t save or edit any Products right now. Our best guess is that one of the recent auto-updates for WordPress core created a conflict with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin (we’re running WP 4.7.5 and 2.1.4 of the Subscriptions plugin).

    Hopefully someone in these forums knows what the issue is.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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