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    Hi Folks,
    Having a problem with a logged in user whose images failed to be shown in a comp.
    User claims to have seen thumbnails and edit options etc.
    I believe I closed the comp some time before this so he couldn’t have successfully submitted anything.
    Is there any way I can check just when I shut the form down? Is there an activity log of some kind?
    Cheers and thanks again for a superb bit of kit.

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  • cdvideo


    You can still go in the form layout you used to create the clinic. and go to the line that says add extra data to show in spread sheet I add upload date to the last available column. This will tell you when each file was uploaded and give you an idea what time the last image was uploaded

    this will give you some info as to date and times

    You can make this change even after the clinic is closed then just download a new spread sheet and the info will be there



    Thanks cdvideo for the tip. Well worth including for the future.
    However the issue we have is the absence of images that are claimed to have been uploaded but aren’t shown anywhere. I’m looking for a way to check/record time of closing form so those who say “why isn’t my image in lineup?” can be advised accordingly.
    I know there is an option to automatically close a comp at a set time but some of our editors keep wanting to extend the deadline.
    Guess I’ll just have to start writing stuff down 🙂

    Plugin Author Josie Stauffer


    If the webform was closed automatically, and your system has a php error_log file, there should have been an entry created when the webform was closed.

    But if it was closed manually, the only way I can think of is a very tedious search through the apache logs to identify the admin’s access to the webform page to close it. And/or to identify the user’s upload. That would take some expertise.

    It is quite possible to change an automatic closing date after it was set, so needing the ability to extend it should not stop you from using the automatic close. You can also re-open a closed form.



    We had a similar case with one of our members but they said it would not accept his wifes images I looked back and seen his went up ok 3 days before the clinic closed My thought was if he had his OK and his wife’s did not why wait till after the close to mention it.

    What was done the president of the club logged in as his wife and I open it for 30 minutes then closed it. In looking at the uploads i could see that the last person send theirs in 1 minute before closing. I keep telling people upload early you can always change any image up to closing. We have one person load theirs up for th whole year as soon as I opened all of the clinics



    Thanks to both for your responses. They where a great help.
    One of our editors is going to start sending out the list of titles to members giving them 24hrs to inform us if their images isn’t listed.
    Thanks again,



    Having a closing time and creating an automatic csv files is great, I love it.
    As the system we use, does everything automatically.
    I have found an issue , Actually is the user procrastination that creates the problem.
    Case: Closing time Sat 11PM.
    User login at 10:55. He is singing “I made it….
    So he uploads the images and all is fine.
    He Submit and signs out at 11:05 PM.
    The problem: The files are in the SQl table. The csv file has no info of the person submission.
    It it logically correct. The file was created at 11PM
    Here is how I got around the problem
    1 Advertise closing time 11:PM
    2 Uncheck actual closing time display.
    3 Set closing time a 12. or 1 AM the following day.
    For those who use the manual method created by EW, this does not apply.
    As you create csv file way after.
    Hope this helps.



    If the webform was closed, then the user should not even have seen the form, let alone be able to upload. But, you point out the glitch that a user could be entering data exactly at the closing time.
    The suggestion to close the form later than you advertise, and perhaps at an unreasonable hour of perhaps 5am might be a workaround.

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