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Admin Access/Admin Login

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    If I were you I would hire a new developer!

    If you have access to the database which you should you can follow this

    Here is a method using FTP

    Easy to say get another developer, but I have only just paid for this site. The site is hosted on the developers server. I want to move it, but the developer will not give me the details the hosting company needs.

    In the section where I write my Blog, I only have access to Dashboard, Posts, Media, Links, pages, Comments, Works, Profile, Tools and StatpressV. Pages are now appearing with 404 Errors and someone volunteered to help me sort it out, but I do not have admin access he needs and without that, he says he cannot do anything.

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    Sorry sounds like you are out of luck. Your current developer has full control. He has your dashboard permission set low or a plugin to hide admin settings and runs all the hosting.

    Best you could do is wait for contact with the developer or start it fresh with your own hosting and domain.

    And there is no way around this?

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    I have racked my brain a lot and no sadly there isn’t. You just have no control at this point since you don’t even have the hosting in your name.

    So, what you are saying is forget the money I have just spent and start again, yes?

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    Not exactly. I am saying at this point you have no other choice but to continue to try and get a hold of the developer and get things situated.

    If this is not an option though or does not work out then yes you will need to start over with more control.

    The developer, Chris of Chunky Money Media, has just sent an email saying;-

    “I am not getting into a back and forth over it, there is nothing wrong with your website.”

    This is despite the fact that at least three pages are returning 404 errors. He has not mentioned dashboard permissions etc. or my being able to move the web site to another server.

    I cannot afford to spend any more money, so that looks like the end of my little site.

    Thank you for your help. It was much apprecaited.

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    Well I am not sure what you have worked out but tell him you want the files and to part ways. Since you paid for it, you should have some rights. There may be options on taking him to small claims court as well. Or just say you want access so someone else can fix things.

    Good luck

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    Never mind he is in UK that rules out the small claims court…

    I have decided that unless Chris Carrier gives me the information I need to a. The admin access to my site and b. The codes I need to move the site to another server, I have no choice other than to take him to the Small Claims Court. It is not right that he should get away with this.

    I hate to ask this… Did you pay the full amount due?

    A lot of times, a dev will withhold the final product because of incomplete payment.

    Oh yes, paid in full! More fool me, eh?

    No, not really. This means, if you have a contract and can prove payment, legal grounds. 🙂 This is the time to bring in a barrister.

    I can prove payment and his company name is listed on the site as the developer. However, Chris Carrier of Chunky Monkey Media will not allow the hosting company to move my site, nor will he respond to any of the emails or phone calls I send to him. Even better that this, is that I paid him another £2,000 deposit to build me another web site and he hasn’t done that either. As I said, more fool me!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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