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  • When you installed wordpress, the last step was giving you a username (by default, it’s “admin”) and a password. It should have also emailed you the password to whatever email address you provided during the setup process.

    If this did not occur, how do I proceed?

    If it did not occur – your didn’t install WP.

    I did not realize that you were holier than I, however your response is of no help whatsoever. could you elaborate, since I am sure that I installed it

    No holier and other BS…
    I just stated a fact. At the end of a successful install process there is a page giving you the login info:
    user: admin
    paswword: XXXXX
    If it didn’t happen – it doesn’t seem you have installed anything.

    On the other hand, if you cannot access a site in a browser – check your site’s admin panel (not the WP!) and see if you password protected – by mistake – any directory.

    I was asked for an admin username, which I provided

    I was asked for a password which I provided

    I still cannot log on to my dashboard with these.




    lets start over.

    In your first post, you indicate that you didnt define those prior to installation:

    I had not defined this before installation

    During the install, wordpress asks for a name, and an email address.

    at that point a password is generated for you, its displayed, and an email is sent off to the e-mail address provided previously with the same information.

    If you are unable to login with the user name and password that was generated at that point, then you have very few options available.

    you can also try a reinstall but I doubt that will your problem, whatever it is, unless its a browser issue/user error that you somehow magically overcome.

    Another option… if you have access to the database, perhaps through something like phpmyadmin, you can update the password to whatever you want…

    1. Figure out what you password will be.
    2. Convert it into an MD5 hash (try someplace like to convert)
    3. Access the database–
    From phpmyadmin try the following:
    a. select the correct database from the dropdown menu on the left side of window.
    b. Select the “structure” tab from the main window.
    c. Look for the “wp_users” table and select the icon for ‘browse’.
    d. Select the pencil icon to edit.
    e. Paste your newly created MD5 hash that corresponds to your chosen password into the “user_pass” field.
    f. hit the go button to save.

    and you should be golden.




    You don’t need to convert it to MD5 if you use phpmyadmin…simply follow the instructuions above, then select the drop down box to the left and chose MD5, it will create the encoding for you. Also check your DB for the user name if you need it…it’s not encoded.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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