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  • Please help.
    I believe my site has been compromised by an old developer that went awol 3 months ago. I am owner of the site and after deleting his ability to access the site a few days ago I received an email tonight that he had added himself back as a user (most likely by logging in as me)
    He (or someone else, as I can’t know exactly what’s going on) has now changed mine and my business partners admin role down to contributer so I can’t change any user profiles and block him and…. coincidentally my site is down. This all happened within 2 hours tonight. My site says:
    Menu not found: cannot find any menu structure.
    Please help!!!
    How do I regain admin access in order to delete him and change all passwords?
    I deleted him as a user for the hosting site and FTP access earlier this week.
    I am so afraid he is deleting all of my work and posts and I have no idea how to get my site back up.

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    Don’t multipost; I deleted your other duplicate post.

    Only thing you can do is use phpmyadmin in your control panel to delete the other users and elevate your own permissions back to admin. See Rather than change the password, delete the whole user.

    sorry this is my first time using the forum, I didn’t know where it best fit.
    I will read through this and cross fingers it will work. It seems like I can’t get into my phpmyadmin now for some reason. Calling go daddy now.
    Thank you.

    Ok I was able to get in and change my status and deleted his account. Sadly it seems as if he has deleted the majority of my site, its horrible.
    I had backup buddy plugin and the most recent update was 2 days ago… it looks as if he may have deleted that as well. Do you know if there is any way for me to get my site back? Or if he has deleted it its gone?

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    Ask your webhost if they have a backup.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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