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  • I had a request from a client that would allow them to make content updates/edits in a beta environment (hosted on a different server from live), then deploy those changes to the live site. They like to be able to test their changes in beta, but find it a pain to have to re-do those same changes on the live site again. It’s a reasonable request and I fully understand why they’d want to do that — but I have no idea if it’s possible at all with WordPress.

    I was somewhat surprised to not find many topics on this in a Google search and it appears there are no plugins for this. A typical site migration is not the solution here, it needs to be fast and effect only the changes they recently made. I considered Git/SVN for a moment but can’t think how it could actually be done from the WP admin.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I’m very curious to know if/how it can be done.

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