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  • I have a blog with multiple users, for my users I want to set them to author level (not giving them many choices to get confused over ^_^, it’s the perfect level I want them at) but at the author level they can not write PAGES.

    So I downloaded the Role Manager plugin and gave them the ability to write pages. But here is my problem…for POSTS they can only EDIT their OWN posts (which is good) but modifying the levels to give them access to write PAGES they can EDIT ALL PAGES (not just their own).

    If the ability already exists to where they can only modify their own posts is there a way to modify the abilities to where they can only modify their own pages and no other users?

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  • I tried this resolution (before you try modifying core files I suggest you backup your site and database)…

    Though it shows you the link to edit/delete a page when you click it it says you don’t have permission.

    Though ** WARNING ** It did change all my pages and attachments to posts so I had to go into my database and change all my pages back to static (and my pictures back to attachments).

    (I searched all morning for a resolution, and wouldn’t you know it AFTER I post here I find it x_x;)

    Another warning… This ‘fix’ causes a problem in creating new pages. Every time I tried to create a new page it saved it as a post draft. I tried doing a fresh install and still had the same problem.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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