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    What is the “correct” way to add goals to a player when they are not captured as part of a box score associated with an Event? We had a few score sheets go missing but I know how many goals an individual has. We aren’t going to add them to the box score for the games and just want to make the players stats right. I see that I can add goals to the players profile in the the “Stats” section. I can also add them using adjustments via the team roster Player List I generated. What is the impact of adding stats in these two different ways?

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  • Adding goals to player records or lists is purely cosmetic.

    For example if you have a player with 10 goals (from the match sheets), if you add 5 goals to his total in his player page and you create a player list that displays the goals he will only have 10 goals.

    If you want the goals to apply everywhere you have to create a sort of “false match” where you put the number of goals he scored.

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    OK – I just tested what you said and it largely seems correct. If I enter an adjustment in the Player Roster list it makes no changes to the reported goals for the players season. If I enter a value into the statistics field on the players profile it appears to override event stats. So I PlayerA has 3 goals from Events and I got enter 1 goal in his player profile for the respective season, it reports 1 goal. At least that appears to be the behavior based on my testing.

    If that is correct, it seems like the best approach is to decide to either track box scores in events or just track overall players totals. If you just care about totals you can add them to player profiles. If you want to tracks goals in games I’ll have to do what you suggested and create a “false match” to record missing goals.

    Is there a guide/manual/etc. on how all of these fields and various methods of entering data interplay?

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    Hi there!

    Thanks for your reply.

    In general, adding a mock event is the best way to do this as suggested by plou. You can import them (using CSV importers) and you won’t have inconsistencies. The adjustments should really be a last resort, as they only apply to the screen you are on right now.

    My thought process on this is, it takes the same amount (if not less) of work to add mock events to make stats right everywhere. On the other hand, using adjustments takes more time and only works for that one screen (either player profile or one of the player lists). If you have either the player profile or more than one player list it’s way better to just use events.

    We don’t have any guides for this use case in particular, we have general getting started guides though. Maybe they’ll help you:


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