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    Wouldnt it be good to have an setting for adjusting editing area width in control panel? Many blogs have a fixed theme – and got a lot more WYSIWYG if they can set the same widt in pixeal at both places.

    Or is tha allready possible?

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  • A) Themes have nothing to do with the admin area.

    B) The textarea (write box) on the write pages is not fixed width. I’m running 1600×1200 and it fills the width of my screen.

    C) If you actually talking about the comments form or something in your theme, then that is controlled by theme developers, not us. They are free to do as they please.

    Well – I am talking about the admin interface text box – and I know its not fixed. I want it to be fixed.

    I mean that it would be easier to get closer what you get in the end – if you where able to adjust the width of the textarea (inside the admin area) to the same width that your theme has. Get it?

    I know know you could enter the wp-admin.css and differ the content class. So:

    A) You (and me) are right – I think you just missunderstood me.
    B) I want it to be fixed – that was my problem.
    C) See A

    Ah, I understand now. Gotta be more clear. 😉

    Anyway, things like this are best done via a plugin. We want to keep the core light and not have it be able to do everything under the sun. Luckily though, the developers add in hooks so you can pretty much do anything you want, including reskin the admin area very easily via a plugin. Infact, there are plugins out there that completely redo the admin area.

    So, I wrote a plugin for you. Just save it to your plugins folder and activate it (it’s filename doesn’t matter).

    Download | Source

    Wow wow wow – thanx a lot.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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