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    Hi all!

    Love this theme! I am trying to adjust the left and right margins 120px. I’d like my logo and the navigation bar to be center to the images. I am able to do this in firebug, but I cannot seem to locate the section of CSS to add margins. The location for the code is and I cannot locate what it corresponds with in the CSS.

    I’ll post what I currently have and what I’d like to have.

    Thanks in advance!

    What I’d like:

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    Thanks for the links to your screenshots…however, it would be much easier for me to see a live link so I can use my webmaster tools in Chrome to pinpoint the containers for you. However, I Can take a guess based on the demo site for this theme…

    the logo container is a div with an id=”logo”
    the nav container you would focus on is the ul class=”nav-menu”

    Careful when doing modifications to these because this relate to the overall structure that gives a responsive layout.

    Also, if you are making edits, best to use a plugin that lets you edit CSS, or if you are using a child theme, use that.

    I apologize for not sharing the link! I always do! It was late.

    The website is located at – the AK has to be capitalized.

    Thanks very much!

    I tried adding

    margin-left: 120px;
    margin-right: 120px;


    div.nav-menu > ul {
    	margin: 0;
    	padding: 0;
    	text-align: right;

    but it did not work. I’ve tried lots of things. I am missing it by some small chance.

    Thanks for your help on this!

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    Ah… no wonder. You posted this in the wrong theme support forum. You posted this in the Celestial lite one but should be Circumference Lite.

    The logo container to add a margin (just need 80px left) is the container with the ID: id=”cir-logo-group”

    The nav…you have a theme option setting for that:

    Appearance >> Customize >> Nav >> Main Menu Position.

    I must have been super tired! I apologize!!

    This all worked perfect. I have been able to fix all of my issues. You don’t know how much I appreciate your help. I hated to bother you!! Awesome theme.


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    Glad to hear, and you are very welcome….cheers!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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