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  • I prefer to use some of the alternate admin color schemes that can be selected through the user profile, some of which are easier on my eyes than the default color scheme. However, a few of the elements of those schemes don’t have enough contrast for me to easily see (for example, using a light color for the “Generate Password” button, which has a low contrast ratio in several of the color schemes).

    I tried filing a ticket for this ( and the core team refuses to fix it, which doesn’t help me.

    Is it possible to adjust the styles of the user-selectable admin color schemes via CSS? If so, what’s the best way to do that? Can it be done from within a child theme style sheet, or does it require setting up some special theme to override the admin colors?


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  • The CSS team is currently doing an audit of the admin CSS and one of the goals is to convert the color schemes to CSS variables, so that it is much easier to adjust. Also, the accessibility team said they were going to produce admin color schemes targeting disabilities, such as high contrast and maybe one for dyslexia.

    Meanwhile, there are plugins that work with the existing color schemes. It is out of scope for themes, which style the front end, and are supposed to leave the admin alone.

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    I hate to add yet another plugin, but it looks like the only way.

    It’s frustrating because a bunch of the standard color schemes were fine until late 2019, when an update switched some secondary colors, like text buttons, to colors with poor contrast ratios, making them hard for me to read. Now, the developers say it would be “too hard” to adjust the colors further or to provide any means to do so myself. If it were possible to adjust them via CSS, I could tinker with it myself and probably have something workable with an hour or so of fiddling.

    I didn’t say you couldn’t fix it with CSS. That’s what you use to change colors. But you have to load that CSS, and a plugin is the best way to do that. And it should be temporary, until they get through the audit and the new admin color schemes.
    You could go back to the older version of WP, but I doubt you want to do that.
    It’s funny that one of the big things in 5.3 was the admin changes for accessibility reasons. I think it looks terrible, and there have been a lot of forum topics complaining also. I suppose you could open yet another ticket for fixing the contrast of the buttons.

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    Ahh, I see your point. That makes sense.

    I DID open a ticket on that subject, noting that the contrast ratios for those buttons are down to about 2:1 for some schemes. As you can see in the link in my original post, the development team refused to consider further adjusting the colors and closed the ticket unresolved.

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