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  • Just FYI.

    After some trouble with my hosting provider — meaning having my account suspended for CPU usage 3 times — I’ve gone ahead and shut down I currently have no intention of finding another hosting provider and starting anew, so this is the end of that era. Thanks to those who read and those who found my plugins helpful.

    My plugins, Enhanced Views, Paged Comment Editing, Image Headlines, and the Spelling Checker are still freely available under GPL from the plugin repository but I will no longer be supporting them. If by some chance I decide to revive the site in the future, I may pick up where I left off but I certainly wouldn’t count on it. And I’m sorry to say I won’t be checking back here for support questions on any of the plugins. There are lots of people using them who may be able to help you, though, so it doesn’t hurt to ask here.

    This also isn’t a call for help, free hosting, or debugging my installation. I’ve tried many things — static caching, disabling features, cached gravars — and I realized following this time that I think I am using the seemingly notorious “Brian’s Latest Comments” plugin which has caused such issues in the past. However, I’ve apparently had one too many strikes with my hosting provider and frankly don’t feel like paying more or going through the headache of migrating. Not worth it. Thanks in advance to anyone who wanted to help :).

    Adios, friends.

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  • It was great having you in the community and you will be missed. Thank you for all your efforts and contributions to the community. You will be missed.

    say it aint so, say it aint so

    I feel ya shep…. =(

    you should still hang around #wordpress so we can make fun of element 🙂

    yeah CF, I wouldn’t care if you made fun of me….just stick around!! =/

    A bit late I guess but I just wanted to say thank you. I use your Image Headlines plugin and appreciate you making your hard work available to the public. It’s people like you who give that make WordPress what it is.

    You’ll be missed.

    Sorry for your troubles, sorry to see you go, I will miss you but will use Enhanced Views in good health and to your memory….

    Chief Niwot’s curse: They always come back.

    Bye… for now 😉

    I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. I’ve been using paged comment editing for ages, and will continue to do so.

    You’ve been a real asset to the community, and I hope to see you return someday.

    wow, you have been alot of great help. I really apprecaite the work you have done.

    This sucks.
    My site wouldn’t look nearly as cool without your image headlines plugin…


    I would probably hook ya up with a free host if your interested.


    ColdForged, way too much talent to split. Image Headlines is a personal favorite, and can give meaning to the endless “colophons” out there. Here’s hoping for your return. I just found out about this. Thanks for everything you did with/for WordPress.

    Sith: I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t offer him free hosting, he’s been an invaluable resource to the community and friend to all of us

    I too am using Image Headlines on my web design site. Finally have a site where I’m not changing themes every other day so found a great use for it there and on the site I’m currently designing for my husband. Truly sorry to see great plugin authors leave the fold. Take care and hopefully perhaps see you around WP again some day (soon!).

    Joni ;-P

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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