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    I have been looking everywhere and cannot seem to find any website that now has the Adhesive sticky plugin anywhere. The Redalt page no longer exists and the site is currently down (not sure how long it has been) but it seems everything was lost since March and the developer is working to get things back up and running.

    Does anyone know where else I can find a download for th Adhesive sticky plugin? Every post that mentions the plugin ONLY goes to Redalt. Does anyone have the file available on their site for download or could it be sent to me?

    PLEASE let me know…

    PS – if anyone knows of any other sticky program that is not AOT (Always On Top – couldnt get it to work), please let me know.



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  • i have a copy here .. its not the zip though, just the file, and Im not sure of updates since I dont use it anymore.

    eligorin …

    try looking at for plugins for WordPress ..…


    Whooami, thanks but I am not advanced enough to figure that out :-). If you can give me more information on what I need to do with that text file i would appreciate it!

    DesignPastor, the site refers to the download at asymptomatic’s site which does not have th file available.

    Thanks though.

    eligorin …. try this .. i have uploaded for your personal download …



    Thank you so much for putting up that file for download. I too have been searching for this plugin. But the Configuation has me confused. I have this choice:

    Categories Only:
    Causes Adhesive to display sticky posts only when viewing categories, and not also on the home page.

    Which sounds like what I want but also sounds like the opposite of what I expected. I am using a theme that only allows one post on the home page and I want the post I have there now to be there all the time and all other posts to go into a category only and never appear on the home page. Is that what that choice will do? My site has only one post and all else is pages because I can’t figure out how to make posts without them going onto the home page (and replacing the post that is there). Any advice? I have installed adhesive and am stuck on the configuation.

    Later: I finally got up the courage to try the config checkbox both with making the post I want on the home page sticky and a new post not, and the new post overwrote my home page. And also made a new post sticky. Always the new post overwrites the one post that I want on my home page.

    Owen is restoring the Red Alt site according to, well, the site. He posted over at his blog that he was moving to a new server.

    You’ll most likely find it here in a day or two.

    well, just for the RECORD. I will keep the “adhesive plugin” available for upload as long as the community needs it, or until a newer version comes out.

    hope this helps our the WP community.

    God Bless,

    Yep, this really help. Thanks. I am glad I found this.

    Thanks here too, I appreciate you posting it.



    Adhesive broke my layout, triggered it to show all the entries ever written (2,000+) when I activated it. Deactivating fixed it again 🙂 I don’t need sticky entries that badly, apparently.

    Using WP 2.05, Tarski theme.

    Thanks DesignPastor – I tried finding it in the plugins too and kept coming up empty handed, so I searched the forums and found it.

    You are a star!


    You’re a legend!


    Thanks design pastor; you rock.

    Thanks DesignPastor for uploading this plugin. I have been searching for it for ages.

    Could someone please tell me how it works??? I’ve installed it but I don’t see where I’m supposed to make a post sticky. The read me file refers me to the site which is down.

    You’ll find the sticky box to check on the edit-post screen only AFAIK – pull up the post you want to sticky, and below the Save buttons you should see some Adhesive post options.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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