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  • Following on from this topic:

    which concerns the Navigation (previous / next) not displaying, it appears that the Adhesive 3.2 plugin may be causing the problem.

    Deactivate the plugin and I have Navigation. Activate the plugin and I loose Navigation.

    I’ve changed themes all to no avail.

    Can anyone advise what I need to edit to get the Adhesive plugin to play ball and allow Navigation?

    (I have deactivated the plugin for now!)

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  • Owen’s site (the plugin’s author) still seems to be under construction, at least the part listing the Adhesive 3.2 plug-in, so I couldn’t leave a message there. I discovered during testing of an upgrade from 2.0.7 to 2.1 that simply activating the Adhesive 3.2 plugin completely blanked out the plugins page in the administration panel. The only way to resolve it was to delete the plugin and, to this point, live without it. Looking forward to a solution, too.

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    Linking with other related topics, so we can find a solution.

    With all due respect, I didn’t find anything in that thread related to THIS one. The issue in THIS thread is the need for the Adhesive plugin to be made compatible with 2.1.

    Any news on Adhesive for 2.1. – still blanks out the plugin page for me so I have to remove i manually from the plugin dir

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