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  • Hello everyone,
    I am having a slight issues with the adhesive plugin. Here you go
    When you click on the calendar for single day posts and you have a sticky post. No matter what day you click on you only get the sticky. Not the post that is actually there… you can check the posts individually with the categories, or by clicking all. But use of the calendar seems to be null.
    Any suggestions?
    Kind regards,

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  • Yeah, that’s a bug I know about and haven’t bothered fixing yet.
    Look for a line in Adhesive that says:
    if($single) return;
    And change it to:
    if($single || $_REQUEST['m']) return;
    See if that does it for ya.

    That doesn’t work.
    Still a handy plug-in, though.

    Well that seems to fix the sticky option,
    But should or should there not be the date of the sticky as well?
    As you can see I posted the sticky a couple days ago, cause the calendar works. But there is no date associated with the sticky.
    I think there should be the date? No?
    Kind regards,

    What the post above should read is..
    Well that seems to fix the calendar issue, etc…..
    Thanks for the fix.. what I noticed is that when I click on the calendar and go to the single day.. I do get the date bar.. just not in an ALL situation.
    Kind regards,

    RingMaster… you there?? 😉
    Any comments just so I know what is suppose to happen? I went to another site using the plugin and theirs shows the date..
    I assume that she is using an earlier version otherwise I have no idea why hers would work and not mine..
    Any information is appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    PS if I take off the sticky.. I see the Date.. so.. I know it is something in the sticky plugin..

    From what I can tell this newest release is removing the H2 tags, thus removing the date data..

    Uh, I’m confused. Is there a problem? If so, what is it?

    The addition of the PHP script for the sticky is dropping the date on the main page.. The fix you gave stopped the problem with the calendar only showing the sticky..
    In this new version, the date above the sticky does not appear..
    If you need me to show you an example let me know..
    What I am telling you is once you make a stick.. it drops the <h2> tag for the date..
    I will reset up my blog so you can see it.. Just post here so I know I can remove it.. when you are done looking.
    Kind regards,

    Agreed that 1.3 isn’t fixed. If I have a sticky, and click on the calendar, only the stick shows up. If there’s no sticky, then the right posts show up. 🙁

    I don’t know what you are all talking about. Maybe your expectations of what it’s supposed to do don’t jive with mine.
    Let’s cover this again, and you tell me where I’ve got things screwy:

    1. A sticky post should appear at the top of the main index page when no other options are selected.
    2. A sticky post should appear at the top of the main index when the category to which it belongs is selected.
    3. A sticky post should display the date only when it is displayed by itself.
    4. Explicitly, a sticky post should note display the date when it is displayed only because it is sticky.

    Now I don’t doubt that you are having issues, since I’ve seen the screenshots, but VexMe is running 1.3 and works as described.
    When you say it doesn’t display the date, perhaps it shouldn’t be displaying the date?
    Now I don’t know what that calendar problem is. That’s pretty freaky. Are you using a non-standard calendar script?

    I’m watching that thread, too, and I still need someone to say something concrete about what they expect vs. what they get:
    “When I do X, Adhesive does bad thing Y, which is contrary to what you posted here.”
    Anyhow, there was a problem with the SEF URLs in 1.3, so I made an update. This new one is pretty detailed, and I tested it, but not on VexMe. If it works, great. If not, well… someone will have to tell me how to fix it, because I’m at a loss as to what is even wrong with it.

    Hey Ringmaster, please do not misunderstand… I think it’s great what you have done/are doing. If you have the SEF thing sorted then, as far as I am concerned anyway, I’ll be very happy. The adhesive.php is exactly what I have been looking for. Is the updated 1.3 ready to download? Please confirm.

    About the calendar thing. Nope, I’m not using a non standard calendar script, just what comes with WP1.2 It’s strange, obviously.
    The post display exactly how I expected it to, date / title wise, so I’m not having those problems.
    Ah, more info. Here’s the real problem. If I’m viewing for a specific day, the stick post takes the place of the top post. IE: If only one post on that day, sticky post replaces it. If more than one, all but the top post display; sticky post displays in top post position.

    ringmaster: That’s _perfect_. fyi, neither the wp-hacks link in this thread or on your blog work for me. they need a trailing slash. may be just me.
    again, wonderful. thanks.

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