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  • I have used the Role Manager plugin. I want Editors to be able to Add/Delete/Update all users EXCEPT the Admin.

    What code can I put into the core file users.php or maybe another plugin or something that makes it where no one can mess with the Admin.

    Basically, I am the Admin and setting the WP up for another person, but I don’t want them to be able to toy with the Plugins and Themes and screw something up, but I do want them to be able to have control over users, except me.

    Is this possible?

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  • Is anyone able to provide me with a core hack to users.php so that only level 10 is able to change Admin users while 9 and below can change other users?

    I’m interested in this as well! I did not find a plugin that would handle this. It’s not uncommon to want to delegate this function to an editor, is it?

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