• Hello everyone,

    I installed AddThis dropdown version (http://blog.addthis.com/?p=32)and as you can see live on my website it works fine:

    http://www.fireworkszone.com it works great!

    In fact, this is the best social bookmarking plugin I have ever tried.

    But there is a problem. By default, AddThis is automatically placed at the end of every post. It means inside the post.

    I would like the script to be modified in order to be able to manually place the script by using for example:

    <?php if (function_exists(‘addthis_social_widget_drop’)){addthis_social_widget_drop();} ?>

    I tried this script but it doesn’t work. Your help is appreciated and I am sure it will help a bunch of people like me.


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  • to do this, use:
    <?php echo $addthis->social_widget_badge($link, $title); ?>

    $link = url
    $title = title (^^)

    Hi Alaknor,

    I am confused by your code especially the second part:

    $link = url
    $title = title (^^)

    Do you mean: $link = my site’s url ?
    And where do you place $link and $title ?

    Thanks for your help

    No, I’m meant in the above code, replace $link by the url you want to refer to (example: a post url, your blog url…).
    And $title by whatever title you want to give to the widget (may be post title as well).

    I tried this code but it won’t work

    <?php echo $addthis->social_widget_badge($link, $title);

    $link = http://www.fireworkszone.com
    $title = title (post title)

    You can contact me at webmaster@fireworkszone.com

    I can speak French

    Please give an example it will be more simple for me

    I like this one too, but it lands itself up agaiunst the last line of the post and the only way to move it down is with the HR command, at least for me. I want it to be 2 lines down from the last line of the post.

    Same issue here, although in my case it’s running into my tags.

    What’s the HR command?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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