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    The AddThis plugin (and even the copy-paste code from doesn’t seem to be working with the Backstreet theme we’re using with WP 3.4.

    When the AddThis plugin is used, the AddThis widget doesn’t display at all, and many functions of the theme fail, including hover effects, slider, news scroller, twitter widget, carrousel layout, etc. Disabling the plugin causes all to return to normal.

    Adding the copy-paste code from results in the same “broken theme” behavior, although the AddThis widget appears but is not aligned correctly.

    We’ve removed the plugin for now, but here’s a test page of the site with the copy-paste code remaining. Perhaps someone could take a look and lead me in the right direction to resolve the apparent conflict?

    Doesn’t look like a conflict between AddThis and any other plugin, as the problem with AddThis exists even with all other plugins disabled. Seems like a JS conflict with the theme, but I’m not skilled enough to troubleshoot that without a little guidance.

    – Michael

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  • Hi Michael,

    Unfortunately since that theme is a paid themeforest theme I can’t look at the code to do much debugging on it, there are a few things I can tell you:

    1) the js error that is being thrown is in there attempt to modify all iframes on a page

    2) Without being able to look at the code of the theme, I can’t say for sure if it is using the wp_footer which is ideally how the plugin adds the addthis code to the theme.

    My advice would be to look at some of the themes uploaded to the official WordPress theme repository ( ) within the last year. All of them go through a check to make sure they contain all the hooks to allow plugins to function correctly and they all correctly follow the GPL which means I can debug them and see where conflicts are and work around them.



    I noted that the theme developer suggested that other users with similar problems with other plugs should delete some of his custom js code related to iframe handling.

    Upon doing so, the javascript problems with the theme were immediately fixed, but version 2.4.1 of AddThis would not display. Reverting back to 2.3.2 resolved the display problem and seems to be working normally now.

    Is there a “common” fix for users who cannot get the updated AddThis version to display?

    – Michael

    The theme developer updated the theme over the weekend, and resolved this problem entirely. Version 2.4.1 now works without any conflict.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction earlier, which helped me to point the developer in the right direction, too.

    – Michael

    Hi Michael!i also use backstreet theme and i bumped into your website!
    so cool!!you developed and use some features which i would like to have on my website as well ( But we have some problems to customize the theme.
    For example which slider do you use on TVU menu? i cant find any external slider plugin compatible to the theme!
    and moreover, how can you organize/make the pages like the home page?
    hope you can understand what i mean!
    thank you so much

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