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  • AddThis script is not being hooked in for pages with only excerpts displayed so the link content is not being pull in.

    I’m using WordPress 3.5.1 with Bones theme(free),, and the AddThis plugin Version 3.0.2. Under advanced I selected for it to be displayed on excerpts.

    I used Firebug to inspect the area where it should be displayed. The links are there but no content and there is no addthis script being called in the header or footer (which must add the buttons). The buttons do show up on posts.

    Here is the site address,

    Any help is greatly appriciated.

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  • PS
    I’ve been building on the theme and for excerpts I just use
    <section class=”entry-content clearfix” itemprop=”articleBody”>
    <?php the_excerpt(); ?>
    </section> <!– end article section –>

    Hey @imjoeybrennan , can you check whether Show on excerpts in enabled in the AddThis options?

    Yes, Show on Excerpts is enabled. I’m using Firebug (Firefox’s developer tool) and Google Chrome’s to inspect the addthis elements and it seems within the excerpt the links are present but have no button images loaded by the addthis script because the addthis script is not present on pages with excerpts. It is however present on pages with full posts.

    Please help me figure out this issue. It seems like a TON of your users have the same issue!


    Did you figure anything out? I am having the same issue and using Bones also.

    Actually, it looks like checking Homepage does the trick. Not sure why that is.



    Same problem here on OSX in Firefox 23 and Safari 6.0.5, I can see the generated HTML in the source but it’s not showing up in the page. Tried all possible AddThis settings, even switched back to TwentyTwelve and switched off all other plugins, but nothing worked.

    Edit: The buttons show up on OSX Chrome 28! Interesting…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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