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  • Dear addthis development team,

    I’ve been having trouble getting support at the support forum, and I’m VERY much hoping I can get support here instead. My previous support question:
    prior support response

    This is regarding my site

    I am running addthis WP plugin version 3.02 and WP 3.5. I am self-hosted.

    You will see a number of problems:
    1. WP vertical bar has 4 icons with white space for an additional 3 icons, thus making the vertical bar 7 icons long.
    2. The addthis “+” sharing button is missing and is represented by an “X”
    3. When clicking on the addthis “X” sharing button, I get a full page extended sharing option, instead of a simple popup, which I would prefer
    4. The sharing sites are not loading in order of most shared, in fact they are always facebook, twitter, gmail, and the “X” button
    5. Addthis may be interfering with my slider, or my slider may be incompatible with addthis, I’m not sure. I’ve also asked the theme developer this question and here is the support thread
    6. I generally need to load the page twice to get the addthis bar to show up.

    I really need some help here, and please make it very simple for a wordpress novice to accomplish if you don’t mind.

    If you’d like a guest login to my site I’m happy to do it to get this issue fixed. thanks!

    Thanks! Jason

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  • Hello Jason,

    The position code not getting saved issue is noted and we will release a version with the fix as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can add the css as mentioned in AddThis forum. Let me know if you need any help in adding that.

    Additional space in vertical bar is something new which I am not able to reproduce. Can you send me the code which you added into the plugin? I am seeing a line break after each button which is not in our actual code. This may come if you tried to copy paste the code into some editor before adding it to the plugin. In your addThis settings where you add the custom code, remove all occurrence of
    and it will solve the issue.

    For issues 2 to 5, I am not able to see the button with said issue. Can you send me the link or a screenshot? You can mail me to srijith[AT] for screenshot.

    Dear Srijith,

    Thanks so much. I am working on this right now and will report back to you. REALLY appreciate your support!

    Dear Srijith,

    You fixed almost all issues. The vertical bar now loads appropriately wihout any extra white space by eliminating the hidden page breaks. There were some issues with my cache causing the other issues which are now resolved.

    However, it is not appearing on my “blog” page here

    A few more questions:
    1. How can I get addthis to load asynchronously?
    2. How can I change the addthis background color to #f5f5f5?
    3. How can I add a 3px colored border around the addthis bar? Color #74941f

    Thanks so much! Jason

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