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  • Doesn’t work with my WordPress 3.4.1 at all. No buttons show up anywhere. Even when attempting to use the widget, I see a box but it has nothing in it.

    It just doesn’t work for me.

    I searched through the support thread and didn’t find anything there to help or any thread that looked remotely like what I was experiencing. I finally gave up and figuring it might help someone other than me, I clicked on “broken”. Why? Because for me it is broken.

    Can anyone help? I wouldn’t even know what help to ask for. I have no idea what’s wrong… it simply doesn’t show up anywhere.

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  • It does work. There are still some issues, more on that later. It was another plugin that was stopping the display. However, still doesn’t work on my main home page. Yes, the option has been checked, but none of the widgets show up.

    Not done trying to figure it out… will update if I do.

    Hey LanMc, sorry you’re having issues. Is your site public? If so, could you provide a link to it and I can check the source to see if I can tell why it isn’t working. Also, if you’re using a standard theme, let me know what it is and I can see if there is a conflict with the theme you are using.

    Yes, my site is public. You can find it here: Lan’s Soapbox

    Currently I am using Social Sharing Toolkit on my site — but that really is only because AddThis didn’t work for my personal site.

    I think I know what the issue is…

    I manage a lot of websites for friends and family. On three of the newer WordPress installs I have AddThis up and running smoothly — not even a hitch! My personal site however is an older install of WordPress (that I keep updated but still… there are big difference between my older install and the current ones!)

    I originally thought it was due to my theme — but it works on the newer sites brilliantly — so I don’t think the theme is the issue. (Not saying it isn’t either, but since it works on the other sites I am inclined to draw that conclusion… wise or not.)

    I also know there were some other plugins causing AddThis not to work — but after deactivating Simple Facebook Connect and a few others that I didn’t really need or use any longer — like minify — I was able to get AddThis to show up on all the pages but the Homepage.

    If you want to check it out and notice anything? I would be happy to go back to using AddThis — It would make it easier on me in the long run since all the newer sites I manage are using it already.

    I have even considered re-installing the latest version of WordPress and porting all my information into it… But that is a lot of work and I can’t make time for that right now. Maybe later though? As I really do appreciate the changes to the newer version of WordPress. (Especially the drag-n-drop widgets! When on my site I really, really miss that!)

    Thank you for responding and for the offer to help! It is greatly appreciated.

    PS: I have already changed my original input from Broken to Works and given it a high rating. It is only fair after all since it does work — really well too — on my newer WordPress Sites.

    Plugin Contributor Srijith V


    Thanks Lan for the link. I will do a check and see why it’s happening.

    Let me know if I can do anything to help — or if I can do anything to make it work. Heh.

    Thanks again for the assistance — You are awesome and kind!


    Plugin Contributor Srijith V


    @lanmc, we have a newer version available for our plugin. Can you try it out and let me know the issue still exists? You can write to me at srijith [AT]

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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